Railway Sleepers lowmac recycling centre irvine ayrshireLowmac Alloys have continuously re-invested time and resources into the wood processing facility, enabling Lowmac to recycle in excess of 5000 tonnes a year. We offer wood collection from our varied vehicle fleet across the whole of central Scotland.

Lowmac Alloys, through its wood processing facility, can re-introduce the recycled timber into a graded component which can be used in the panel board manufacturing industry.

Pallet Collection & Sales

Lowmac Alloys accept or collect pallets from across a varied customer base, grading according to quality and industry dimension(s) allowing for a selective number of applications within the waste industry.

The waste hierarchy places re-use as part of its recycling options. We endeavour to recover all waste pallets which can be re-instated for re-use. The pallets are sold as second hand, many having made only one or two uses and, in most cases are similar in appearance to new pallets.

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