Lowmac RecyclingAre you a producer of WEEE?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive classes producers as someone who

  • Manufactures and sells Electrical and Electronic Equipment under your own brand name
  • Resells EEE produced by other suppliers under your own brand name
  • Exports or imports EEE on a professional basis into an EU state

What are my obligations if I am a producer?

If you do any of the above, you are a producer and must join a Producer Compliance Scheme.  Regulations are applicable to any producer, regardless of how they sell their goods (in person, through a store, online). Regardless of the turnover and market share of the producer, they are still required by law to join a Compliance Scheme.

What are my requirements?

You must record and supply information of your EEE sales to the Producer Compliance Scheme.
All products must be marked with a crossed out wheelie bin symbol, producer ID mark and data mark.
Information about your products must be provided to recyclers to ensure an effective disposal at the end of life.
You must fund the treatment, collection and recycling of your WEEE to your Compliance Scheme.

What is a Producer Compliance Scheme?

Producer Compliance Schemes are intended to distribute the responsibility and costs of dealing with EEE at the point of disposal. Upon joining a PCS you will be asked for specific information regarding the types and quantities of EEE you placed on the market during compliance periods. Some PCS only operate and accept specific sectors such as non-household. The Environment Agency has supplied a list of approved PCS.

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