Lowmac are recyclers and processors of a variety of scrap metals, we have a requirement for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We ensure the safe, speedy and environmentally friendly recovery of scrap metal, redundant machinery and obsolete parts. Our high capacity and recycling facility is capable of handling vast quantities of raw scrap, in various forms, from end of life motor vehicles, machinery plate metal, piping, semi conductors and steel structures in various shapes and forms.

Non-ferrous items are metals that don’t contain an iron compound such as copper, bronze, brass, lead and zinc.

Ferrous metals are made up of an iron compound, all types of ferrous metals are magnetic. Metals like cast iron, steel and cast steels are ferrous.

Secure Destruction

Redundant end of life vehicle(s) can be securely destroyed, allowing for contaminates to be segregated, separated and disposed of in a safe and secure manner. We are fully licensed through our AATF License which also allows for the Secure Destruction of WEEE Equipment.

Materials we can Securely Destroy:

  • End of life vehicle(s)
  • Golf Clubs
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Confidential Files
  • Redundant Machinery

All vehicles destroyed have to be accompanied by a V5; a Secure Destruction Certificate is issued as proof that the Secure Destruction process has been undertaken in a Secure and Confidential manner.

For more information on any our services or products, please call us on 01294 273232 !