lowmac confidential paper shreddingLowmac cater to all recycling needs, including office based which is a highly desired service! We provide a complete solution to all office based recycling needs.


Lowmac provide colour-coded dark grey Wheelie Bins, clearly marked “Cardboard Only” or “Cardboard & Paper Only” depending upon the customers requirements.

Wheelie Bin container sizes for Cardboard/Paper range from 240ltrs to 100ltrs. They are uplifted on a Tuesday and Thursday – frequency as required by the customer.


Lowmac provide you with colour-coded black Wheelie Bins, clearly marked “Glass Only“. The glass does not need to be colour segregated.

Wheelie Bin Container sizes for Glass range from 240ltr to 660ltrs. They are uplifted on a Saturday – Frequency as required by the customer.

Curtain-Sider Uplifts

Lowmac provide you with Clear Bags and Cardboard Receptacles to put your Recyclable Materials into. Cardboard Receptacles are ideal for offices as a way of segregating Recyclable Materials.

Items that can be stored in Clear Bags/Cardboard Receptacles:

  • Polythene
  • Food/Drink Cans
  • Drinking Bottles
  • Paper

These bags can be uplifted any day at the request of the customer.


Lowmac can provide you with a skip for Recyclable material. Skips range from 4 yards to 40 years. Products can be loose or baled when they are put into the skip. Our skips can be uplifted any day at the customers request. Baled products can also be uplifted separately on any day of the week.

The recyclable items for which a skip/container can be provided for include:

  • Hard Plastics
  • Steel Cans
  • Polythene
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Cardboard

For more information on any our services or products, please call us on 01294 273232 !