Lowmac RecyclingLaboratory Waste

Laboratory waste is generated from laboratories and educational centers such as Universities. Some Laboratory Waste will be classified as Hazardous Waste. Material generated in the lab such as paper and packaging waste, is not classed as Hazardous Waste and can be disposed of in General Recycling. Laboratory glassware isn’t suitable for recycling  as its melting point is higher than that of conventional glass. If you have broken glass within your lab, please ensure it is disposed of in containers which are puncture proof and should never be placed in General Waste bins.

Laboratory Waste can be a pain in the neck for some, but not for Lowmac! We have a skilled team of degree qualified chemists and COTC level 4 Chemists on hand to safely list, package and transfer your lab chemicals for safe and secure disposal. Our onsite team at Lowmac have the ability to package and label all types of laboratory waste to ensure they are fully compliant.

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