Hazardous-waste-lowmac-recyclingLowmac Alloys Ltd has over 20 years experience in the management and treatment of hazardous waste using modern technology to treat, control and manage a wide range of waste streams at our Irvine Waste Management Facility.

By definition, hazardous waste, is hazardous! Lowmac pride themselves on their technical and methodical approach which is underpinned by strong systems, procedures and a team of highly-skilled personnel to ensure your waste is analysed, collected stored and disposed of safely and securely.

Our Irvine site can accept a number of various waste streams for small quantities such as Lab smalls through to Bulk Tanker loads.
We specialise in the collection and disposal of various waste streams:

When it comes to moving hazardous waste, Lowmac is a safe and secure partner. We have a dedicated fleet of specialist ADR vehicles, and a highly skilled and experienced personnel who are able to ensure materials are correctly packaged and transported for disposal under ADR 2013 regulations.
We offer a nationwide hazardous waste recycling and hazardous waste disposal service!

For more information on any our services or products, please call us on 01294 273232 !