Lowmac RecyclingVarious sizes of containers can be supplied for Mixed Fluorescent Tubes and Light Bulbs, this allows for a secure and compliant method of disposal.

Disposal of the above items is hazardous as they release harmful phosphor dust and toxic mercury vapor.  Under the regulations, producers of hazardous waste can no longer dispose of these items along with their General Waste, to do so is illegal and leaves your organization open to court proceedings.

Fluorescent Tube Collection

We offer various methods of collection under Weee Regulations as follows:

From small to medium usage to large high volume usage, the large Green Coffin Type Container can take various lengths of Redundant Tubes up to and including 8ft in length.

The small pipe tube operation is available in two lengths and can handle Redundant Tubes upto either 8ft in length or upto 4ft in length depending on the customers’ requirements.

Picture above of green Coffin on the left, 8ft Tubes and 4ft Tubes on the right.

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