Our fleet lowmac ayrshire recyclingLowmac offer a secure compliant end of life vehicle disposal service!

We offer an uplift service or you can deliver to our transfer station in Irvine. Our site is licensed by the environmental agency and we inform DVLA for you when we scrap your vehicle(s) giving you peace of mind.

Also, at Lowmac we always make sure that as much of your vehicle is recycled as possible making Lowmac the green choice!

We offer an end of life vehicle secure destruction certificate. This service is free of charge and a rebate per tonne paid. The requirements are your Log Book (ownership details) of which you keep section 9 (we will in this part for you). The section 9 must be sent to the DVLA by the owner when we scrap the car on your behalf, the remaining Log Book is sent off to the DVLA by Lowmac. The DVLA will then in-turn inform you in approximately 4-6 weeks that the car/vehicle has been disposed off.

The above picture shows a vehicle in the process of being de-contaminated. The products removed include:

  • Tyres
  • Oils
  • Coolants
  • Batteries
  • Any Non-Conforming Parts

For more information on any our services or products, please call us on 01294 273232 !