lowmac confidential paper shreddingMost businesses have a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act referring to disposing of information that contains references to individuals. This could be a long list of different documents, including payroll information, contact details, and human resource information.

At Lowmac, we offer a Confidential Shredding service which takes place in our Shredding Facility within Ayr. Our service allows you to meet the Data Protection Act in a simple, yet effective manner.

You will be provided with Hessian Sacks and Secure Ties to deposit your Confidential Paperwork, which we would then collect and dispose of in the correct manner in our facility. Unlike many other companies of the same nature, we allow our clients to watch as the procedure takes place if they wish. We understand most clientele don’t have the flexibility within there schedule to do so, which is why we issue the Certificate of Destruction to prove the procedure was carried out, and for you to add it to your records to show you deposed of the contents in the correct manner.

We also offer a service for dealing with your waste office paper and your pre-shredded secure paperwork.

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